Partners in Cheshire and Warrington came together to explore ways to reconnect people with the places in which they live, work and visit.

A half day conference, led by the Cheshire & Warrington Sub-regional Leaders’ Board, was hosted by Cheshire East Council at Tatton Hall, near Knutsford on Friday 14 June 2019.

The conference, “Reconnecting People and Place – Shaping the Future in Cheshire & Warrington”, explored why the two agendas of “people” and “place” seem to be disconnected. Sub-regional partners discussed ways in which they can build an economy which works for everyone, invests in the well being of people, enhances productivity and improves connectivity.

According to Philip Cox,Chief Executive of Cheshire & Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership, “This conference was invaluable in generating useful ideas to help partners connect plans for the place, with the people who live, work and visit the area.”

“Key note speakers really set the scene and framed the day!”

The event was opened by Councillor Sam Corcoran, the Chair of the Sub-regional Leaders’ Board and Leader of Cheshire East Council. Cllr Corcoran set the tone by saying that climate change is the greatest challenge facing our generation which gives us “a focus on the well being of our place and the well being of people in our place”.

The conference also featured a number of expert breakout sessions which focused on young people’s priorities, community infrastructure, long term unemployment and the Local Industrial Strategy. The NHS five and ten year plans and shaping the social care market in Cheshire & Warrington completed the range of discussions on offer.

More than 100 senior delegates, from across the public, private and academic sectors – including the NHS and colleagues from Police and Fire services – heard keynote speeches from Mike Hawking, Joseph Rowntree Foundation; Sarah Longlands, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) North; and Dr Rebecca Collins, the University of Chester.  Each highlighted both national and local considerations and opportunities for creating places which work for the people who live, work and visit them.

Reconnecting People & Place Conference Slides 2019

Cheshire & Warrington Council Chief Executives working together to Reconnecting People & Place

Cheshire East Council’s Acting Chief Executive said, “… a fantastic opportunity to bring stakeholders together to not just focus on the place, but to focus on people in the place… if we’re serious about inclusive growth and the development of our population, today’s conference is all about that… (and) it’s what we do after today… collectively to make a real difference for the Sub-region.”

Andrew Lewis,  Chief Executive for Cheshire West & Chester Council commented that  “This has been a really good conference, a great opportunity to bring people together from right across Cheshire… it’s demonstrated what common purpose there is… different organisations working together for the good of the people of Cheshire.”

In celebrating the good will between partners, Warrington Borough Council’s Chief Executive, Steven Broomhead said, “Whilst there is uncertainty and a lack of cohesion nationally, in Cheshire & Warrington we have the opposite.”

David Parr, OBE, Chief  Executive of Halton Borough Council  said, “The Cheshire & Warrington Sub Regional Conference was a great opportunity to share best practice and highlight some of the innovative and creative work that is going on in Halton and the sub-region, to deliver employment opportunities, support business growth and ensure that through partnership we can achieve an environment where everyone in our communities can thrive and succeed.”

For further information about this conference or other Sub-regional activities please contact the Cheshire & Warrington Sub-regional Programme Office.

PHOTO ABOVE MIDDLE: From left to right, the Speakers’ Panel – Dr Rebecca Collins, Sarah Longlands, Mike HawkinG, Cllr Sam Corcoran; Speakers – Cllr Sam Corcoran, Dr Rebecca Collins.
PHOTO ABOVE: Steven Broomhead (Warrington Borough Council), Kath O’Dwyer (Cheshire East Council), Andrew Lewis (Cheshire West and Chester Council), David Parr, OBE (Halton Borough Council)