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The ambitions for Cheshire and Warrington are agreed by the Sub-regional Leaders' Board and are set out in the following key documents.
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Cheshire and Warrington – A Prospectus for Inclusive Growth

Cheshire and Warrington – A Prospectus for Inclusive Growth is a shared ambition for an even more successful and prosperous Cheshire and Warrington, improving the lives and opportunities of people who live and work here.

This means working to tackle the skills shortages our local businesses face, supporting the delivery of a more resilient transport system with better connectivity, and direct support to help build the kind of homes Cheshire and Warrington needs to house the workforce of the future. Through our Public Service Reform proposals we will create new delivery models that place local people at the heart of service design, delivery and opportunities.

Building on the key components of the Cheshire and Warrington Strategic Economic Plan, and the ambitious work programme already underway, the Prospectus sets out how we will deliver on our opportunities and ensure we realise our full potential.

To find out more or to get involved please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Cheshire and Warrington’s Strategic Economic Plan

Cheshire and Warrington’s Strategic Economic Plan is led by the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). It outlines our Sub-regional ambitions for an economically prosperous future.

Public Sector Transformation Programme

Building on the success of the Complex Dependency Programme, this three-year transformation plan will improve outcomes for the people of Cheshire & Warrington to ensure our economy works for everyone.

Cheshire & Warrington: Response to Climate Change

Tackling Climate Change is the greatest challenge facing humanity. In May 2019 the Government Declared of a Climate Emergency. In response to this, Cheshire and Warrington Leaders’ Board have made 10 pledges to local people about how they plan to tackle Climate Change.

The Cheshire and Warrington Profile

These Cheshire and Warrington Profiles summarise key statistical data.

For further reports from the Local Government Association, follow the link.

If you would like to know more about Cheshire & Warrington Research and Intelligence Collaborative (CWRIC), visit the CWRIC Page in the “What We Do” section.

Cheshire & Warrington Governance

Within Cheshire and Warrington there are a number of partnership Boards which influence the ways in which public organisations work together. They meet to ensure Cheshire & Warrington has a strong economy which can support and improve the lives of people who live in, work in, visit and trade in the Sub-region.