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Cheshire and Warrington Sub-regional Leaders’ Board

The Cheshire and Warrington Sub Regional Leaders’ Board provides strategic direction and leadership for the Sub-region. It ensures that the twin over-arching strategic priorities of economic growth and public service transformation are met.

The Board looks to identify and support opportunities where working collaboratively, across agencies, can deliver better outcomes for people and communities, while actively promoting improvements to the economic prosperity, wellbeing and profile of Cheshire and Warrington. The Leaders’ Board also provides a forum for consulting with other bodies on issues of common interest.

Cheshire and Warrington Sub-regional Leaders’ Board is comprised of the Elected Leaders of each of the three Councils which make up the Sub-region, the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Chair of the Fire Authority, and the Chair of Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. Other senior sector Leaders from NHS England (Cheshire and Merseyside), Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Homes & Communities Agency, and Community Rehabilitation Company are also part of the Board. Halton Borough Council is an Associate member of the Sub-regional Leaders’ Board as their policing and fire services are provided by Cheshire.

The Sub-regional Leaders’ Board is chaired by Councillor Sam Corcoran, the Leader of Cheshire East Council.

Cheshire and Warrington Sub-regional Leaders' Board - Agenda Papers

Cheshire and Warrington Sub-regional Management Board

The Cheshire and Warrington Sub Regional Management Board provides the operational leadership for the Sub-region, ensuring that arrangements are in place to deliver both economic growth and public service transformation in Cheshire and Warrington. The Management Board ensures that resources from each member’s own organisation is available, where appropriate, in line with agreed Sub-regional priorities and that activity is commissioned to meet these Sub-regional priorities.

The Management Board is made up of the Chief Executives of the four Local Councils, the Chief Executive of the Local Enterprise Partnership, the Chief Constable, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Chief Fire Officer, and other senior officers representing NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Homes and Communities Agency and Community Rehabilitation Company.

The Management Board is Chaired by Lorraine O’Donnell, Chief Executive of Cheshire East Council.

Public Sector Transformation Programme Board

The Sub-regional Public Sector Transformation Programme Board’s primary role is to implement Cheshire and Warrington’s Public Sector Transformation Programme, ensuring that it is delivered within a strategic context, and reflects Cheshire and Warrington’s opportunities and needs. The Programme Board develops individual projects with partners to deliver the Programme, provides strategic guidance, direction and support where appropriate.

The Board consists of senior offices from public sector partner organisations in Cheshire and Warrington an is chaired by Mark Palethorpe, Executive Director at Cheshire East Council who is also the Sub-regional lead for Public Sector Reform in Cheshire and Warrington.

Mark Palethorpe

Executive Director of Cheshire East Council