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Improving outcomes through insight and intelligence

The Cheshire & Warrington Research and Intelligence Collaborative (CWRIC) was set up in 2014. It represents a partnership of public organisations, across the Sub-region, supported by the Cheshire & Warrington Sub-Regional Programme Office. By providing a collaborative approach to insight and intelligence, CWRIC is one of a number of enablers, intended to create the right conditions to drive public service transformation. The aim of CWRIC is to help strategic decision-makers to improve outcomes, through insight and intelligence, as part of a range of Sub-regional strategies. It does this by:

  • Building capacity and skills
  • Establishing a strong collaborative culture
  • Providing robust data and analysis

CWRIC’s annual work plan is overseen by a Management Board of senior managers from the fields of research, business intelligence, data analytics and customer insight. The Board is guided by Terms of Reference, which have been agreed by all parties and it reports to the Cheshire & Warrington Public Service Transformation Board.

CWRIC Archive

  • Conference: Evidence Based Decision Making
  • Date: Friday 24th April 2015
  • Venue: Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service HQ, Winsford

Presentations from the Key Note speakers

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