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Cheshire & Warrington Commissioning Academy

Cheshire & Warrington has held two Sub-regional Commissioning Academy Programmes; the first was funded by Cabinet Office in 2016 (CWCA16) and the second, self-funded in 2017 (CWCA17). Cheshire & Warrington Commissioning Academy put a spotlight on commissioning in its broadest sense and engaged senior commissioners, from across Sub-regional partners, in a journey which would stretch their thinking and build commissioning capacity. The programme appealed to commissioners of adult’s and children’s services, as well as those from commercial management, procurement and contract management. Bringing commissioners together, from a variety of disciplines helped to enhance and embed their understanding of ways in which the whole system can work together to deliver outcomes.

Participants commented that networking with peers, building relationships and sharing innovative practice, impacted positively on both professional development and service and system changes. Developing ways to grow the network became a key mission for a number of the sixty Commissioning Academy alumni, who had benefitted from the programme.

Their drive and commitment to the Sub-region has led to Cheshire & Warrington’s latest initiative to build commissioning capacity: Cheshire & Warrington Commissioning and Transformation Network (CaTNet).

See below for further information or click the link to go straight to the CaTNet Portal login.

Commissioning & Transformation Network

The CaTNet delivery model has three main features.

For further information about CaTNet contact the Sub-regional Programme Office.

Seasonal Seminars

At least four Seasonal Seminars will be held each year. These will be hosted by partners and shaped around strategic commissioning or wicked issues: The first four Seasonal Seminars, below, are available for CaTNet members to attend free of charge. 

Autumn – Influence and Collaboration
Winter – Transformation and Redesign
Spring – Culture Change
Summer – Leadership and Judgement

Each session provides a mixture of key note speeches, participative breakouts and networking. Each session provides academic and/or theoretical content, good practice/ case studies, and commissioning challenges to be resolved jointly.

CaTNet Portal

The CaTNet Portal has been developed to provide a secure members-only, on-line discussion forum. CaTNet members will take the lead in exploring commissioning and transformation issues, learn from each other, develop work/projects, participate in web-chats; read and/or write blogs; upload and share documents; join and/or hold webinars.

Work Streams

The network will provide opportunities for commissioners and transformation leads to develop real work together to support Sub-regional priorities. It is anticipated a number of work streams and themes will be developed, which will help to address urgent commissioning issues.